Banking Mobility

Banking Mobility

Respecting regulations and capitalising

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Client Rewards

Client Rewards

Conquer and retain clients with rewards

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3 areas of expertise
to help you enter new markets and retain clients

Isilis designs and manages value-added platforms:

The banking mobility platform has been adopted by the majority of French banks. It automates communication between clients who change banks and institutions that need to be informed.

The co-financed rewards platform links clients of the largest corporations, such as banks, insurance companies, and energy companies, to e-commerce partner websites.

Isilis develops and manages its activities internally
through the company’s 3 integrated areas of expertise:


We dream up new benefits for your clients


We develop cutting edge IT platforms


We provide client support using white-label service

Our Story

IIsilis was founded in 2004 when the Banque de France closed its individual deposit banking services.

Isilis was chosen to manage bank domiciliation changes for all Banque de France clients faced with the task of changing banks.

Over the next few years, the main banking networks also wanted to support their new clients in repatriating their daily bank flows and chose Isilis to manage these formalities.

In addition, European regulations promoted by the French Banking Federation led banks to institute a proactive policy of banking consumer assistance, summarised by the banking mobility concept.

In August 2015, Macron Law’s Article 43 was introduced to regulate banking mobility. These regulations will go into effect on February 6, 2017.

Isilis handled more than four million Changes to Bank Domiciliation in 2015 from more than 600,000 clients and 70 banks, representing 80% of the French retail banking market. It is well-prepared to deal with the new regulatory requirements and to guarantee the banking mobility services provided by its client banks.

Isilis has also developed new benefits to support banking advisers and their clients.

These new benefits include rewarding good banking behaviours with gift vouchers that are primarily financed by large e-commerce partner sites.

More than half of the largest French banks already use this loyalty tool to boost their most loyal clients’ spending power.

Other large French corporations also rely on co-financed rewards designed and managed by Isilis.


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